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Biogas Compression

Due to the continuous energy crisis Biogas is the only cheep alternate to Natural (Sui gas) which can easily be produced with locally available technologies.

Till recent past biogas is only been used for cooking and lighting in Pakistan. The gas produced in small home based biogas plants is usually used in kitchen via pipe line; the pressure developed in the Biogas Holder is around 1-2 PSI and it is not sufficient to transport gas to farther distances. This is why the use of biogas plants is very limited until now and plants are not installed at lager scale. A large scale biogas plant producing a large amount of biogas is often rendered worthless due to the lack of knowledge and expertise available in Pakistan.

Purified Biogas Storage

Once purified the biogas is similar to natural gas (CH4 Methane) and can now be used for running generators and stationary engines.

A common gas compressor poses fire hazards, since the auto-ignition temperature of biogas is 537 °C. Leakage and excessive temperature rise can be fatal. Due care during operation must be done so as not to allow the temperature to rise above safe limits.

Revgreen Pakistan has successfully developed techniques to compress and store biogas at medium pressure between 2 and 200 psi. To prevent corrosion of the tank components and to ensure safe operation, the biogas it is first cleaned by removing H2S and then the cleaned biogas is compressed prior to storage in tanks.

Revgreen Pakistan fabricates pressurized biogas storage tanks of all sizes

Key Features:

  • Custom made according to client’s requirements
  • Leak tested at high pressure
  • Anti-corrosion coated
  • Pre fitted with:
    • Gas cut off switch
    • Pressure Regulator
    • Safety Valve

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